Linda Fischer - Author of "Ultimate Power Enemy Within the Ranks"

Ultimate Power

Ultimate Power Enemy Within the Ranks

“Why can’t I just say no?” I wonder, standing beside my commanding officer in the Non-Commissioned Officers’ Club. He is insisting that I drive him home from yet another social function.  I feel small and helpless in the shadow of his ultimate power and authority and the way he chooses to wield it over me. Lieutenant Colonel Harold Smith has begun to shower me with unwanted attention and demands, and I find myself reacting like as if helpless. When I do protest his actions, he reminds me that he holds my future in his hands.

I drive him home and obey when he orders me into his house to pick up some paperwork. Soon I am desperately fighting off groping hands and hard, smothering lips. My shock and confusion, the champagne and beer I’ve consumed, the suddenness of his attack and his superior strength—these are his allies. So is his position as my commanding officer. “If you’re thinking of telling anyone,” h e says, “don’t be foolish. No one will believe you.”  I fear that he is right, and to protect my career, I keep it secret for almost a year, even after we both leave Panama, until the anger and shame buried deep inside almost destroy me.

Preview Chapter One: Why Can’t I Say No?

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