Linda Fischer - Author of "Ultimate Power Enemy Within the Ranks"


Brigadier General Evelyn P. Foote (Retired)

“Linda Fischer has made a valuable contribution to the body of literature which deals with the very negative consequences of unresolved sexual harassment in the workplaces of the world. Hers is not an isolated story. By speaking out on the injustice she suffered in trying to work through an unresponsive complaint system, she brings ‘fire’ upon the Army’s senior leadership to create a much better way for soldiers to gain justice when they are wronged.”

Susan L. Webb

Vice Chair, Secretary of the Army’s Senior Review Panel on Sexual Harassment

Courageous! Insightful! Linda’s experiences serve as a useful tool for all women to draw from and for anyone committed to eliminating incidents of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Step Forward, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: What you need to know!

Without a doubt, Linda Fischer’s story will resonate with every woman who has had to silently endure the agony, humiliation, feeling of betrayal and continual victimization that accompanies sexual harassment and sexual assault. By revealing her story, she gives courage–and words–to other women to break the code of silence that supports “the enemy within”.

This is a “must read” for those in the military who know the relationship between quality of life issues and “mission readiness”.

Jackie Young, PhD
Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services

…an incredible, personal account of her ordeal within [the Army.] It reads like a good mystery novel but it’s all true…

Vera S. Williams
WACs: Women’s Army Corps 1942-1978

Emotionally wrenching! Provoking! And, if a woman who has worn a uniform reads this dramatic story, perhaps she might say, “I have been there, too.” Having read “Ultimate Power Enemy Within The Ranks” it is my prayer that having written her story, it will serve as a catharsis and allow Linda to go forward, not with a lack of faith in the Military Police Corps and the Army I love so dearly, but with hope and trust in the goodness of officers dedicated to DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY.

While we live in an imperfect world, we must continuously strive to improve its shortcomings. Certainly, the military system must ensure that those to whom the lives of so many men and women have been entrusted, does not fall short because of the actions of a few. In God we trust! But in man, every woman in uniform must be assured of protection.

Although my name is not mentioned in “Ultimate Power Enemy Within The Ranks,” I did advise Linda of the consequences of presenting her complaint following a lapsed period of time. However, my advice then and now is always have the courage to do what you feel is right and just, and may God be with you! Sincerely,

Sherian G. Cadoria
Brigadier General, US Army, Retired

It’s a terrible thing to be the target of abuse — whether it’s emotional, physical, or verbal. Linda A. Fischer’s book is a Godsend for anyone who has been in that situation or who is in that situation. It offers hope and tangible suggestions on how to stand up for yourself — even when under enormous pressure not to do so. Linda’s inspiring story will help readers know they are not alone — and will give then the faith and courage to initiate on their own behalf.

Sam Horn
Tongue Fu!

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